To close the Findlay topic

I’ve done some more research into the movie-making duo of the Findlays, hoping to find an interview of some sort, all because I’m really curious about a couple who could actually make such nightmares/sexploitation/grindhouse films and still have managed to maintain a marriage… well they did divorce eventually, but anyway. And on that note, what makes someone dive head nose into the horror film industry? I’ve always wondered… I’d love to ask George Romero or Mario Bava that same question.

Though the Findlays are by far more interesting as they are a couple and Michael Findlay actually starred in the Flesh Trilogy while his wife shot the film. She later moved on to Porn (!) of all things… and then after her husband died, she went back to the horror film industry, making a few memorable contributions there.

Anyway, there is really nothing on the internet about the Findlays and the only interview with Roberta for the NYT isn’t available anymore. (In this interview, she supposedly refers to fans of their films as “sickos” – ironic, isn’t it? And umm… true. You have to be on the sick side to really enjoy grindhouse /horror sexploitation films – now the fact that one of the living legends of the genre says this about the fans is what would make reading her interview interesting)

I was however, redirected to many sites belonging to film students that look for the exact same thing as I do: more info. on the Findlays.

I found a photo of Roberta and she was very beautiful (she also acts in many of her + her husband’s films by the way).


There are some people out there that intrigue me I have to admit. Well, most everything intrigues me, I’m curious by nature.

2 Responses

  1. she looks like Björk. :D.

  2. Yes, she does… but she’s prettier I think. =)

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