Just one of those mornings (that makes you raise an eyebrow and ponder the surprising little events of life)

I was at a local store, downtown, buying two calculators for some engineers (because I work with only men and they aren’t “doers” – now, why is it that behind a successful man there is always a woman looking out for him… anyway…)

The store clerk handed me two Casios (very basic models) and asked me to try them out. I did a simple 2+2 and was putting them back in the box when an elderly gentleman, hands all stained by age, thick glasses and a woolen cap said, “Multiply 25×25; if the result is 625, then the calculator works…” and proceeded to nod knowingly, almost as if he had shared one of the world’s biggest secrets with me.

I gave him a huge, huge smile and did just as he advised. The calculator worked.

I was still chuckling as I headed out of the store feeling good that life still manages to surprise you in cute, funny ways.

About two blocks later, I passed a young fireman selling raffle tickets.

Support your local fire department,” he yelled at every passer-by.

When I walked past he leaned in and said to me, “And I’m single too!”

I looked over my shoulder and smiled, he smiled back and said “I’m serious!

All in all, it was a sweet morning. Just a reminder that we can still smile even when we think it might be a bit difficult to do so.

I wonder if I should have bought the fireman a raffle ticket… Maybe I should have.

2 Responses

  1. i love the way you describe these things. it’s always good to ponder “the surprising little events of life”.

  2. Look, you made me smile again.

    : )

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