academic writing is fun! :P

  If you’re out of thesis ideas, don’t worry! Bohemian Alien is here!  Here are some paper/thesis/books ideas for English literature/linguistics no one, as far as I know, has written anything about it yet. They’re fun, they’re odd, and they’ll make your thesis supervisor’s jaw drop.

Academic credibility and good grade not guaranteed

©         ‘I’ve seen the future Baby’:  Eschatological Imagery in Leonard Cohen Songs .”
©       “ Ziggy and Geoffrey : Similarities Between Chaucer and Bowie. ”

©       “ ‘But Now I am Somebody Else’: The Discourse on Self in Lucky Fonz III Songs.” (as a matter of fact, the extremely amazing Lucky Fonz III wrote his BA thesis on Bob Dylan.)
©       “ ‘He Is Such an Essentialist’: A Linguistic Analysis of Informal Conversations Between Professors of the English Department.”
©       “Gods and Founders: An Inquiry into the Influence of Campus  Statues on Students’  Ability and Willingness to Study.”
©       “Cats As Signifiers in Neil Gaiman books.”
©       “ ‘This Time Will Pass’ : The Influence of U2  Songs on Listeners’ Personal Lives.”
©       “ Faces and Feathers: Why Old People Resemble Birds.”