Ash Thursday

It amazes me to think that I’m living in a city where it rains ash.

I’m not kidding. Yesterday night the ash rain started. Little sighs from the Chaitén volcano that has left so many people without a home.

Below are pics taken during a storm in the middle of the night, as the Chaitén volcano erupted (link to the site at the bottom of this post).

Chaitén Volcano Chaitén Volcano

Luckily the government is giving a monthly salary to the people that lost everything and paying for their rent while they stay in a city nearby (my city). These are people that have lost houses, vehicles, clothes… they just got out of bed one morning, got dressed and were evacuated. Their situation is still unclear. If they cannot go back to Chaitén, then they will have to be relocated and start over (the worst case scenario) with a government fund (which is never big enough).

A sad, sad situation.

Going back to the ash rain, as it fell, I just stood there, looking at the sky, holding out my hand…

Nah, just kidding. =)

The ash rain is barely noticeable. You mainly see it on the hoods of cars after they’ve been parked for about an hour. Nevertheless, it’s still raining ash.

Chile… what an odd place it is.

*Pics taken from this site.

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