Before starting this post, I have to thank the readers for their emails, it has been surprising and so encouraging to know that people are reading and taking the time to send positive feedback… It almost seems like we struck a nerve somehow, who could have thought so many Christians felt “disaffiliated” from traditional Christianity *when I say “traditional” I mean that Christian subculture which doesn’t allow for “individuals”…. I hope we’ll continue to be blessed/bless and we’ll see what comes out of all this. I for one, am just thrilled to be writing again.

Let’s talk about The Count.

Yesterday night, on HBO Latin America, I stayed up to watch yet another rendition of Dracula.

I’ve watched them all: Christopher Lee (whom I adore), Bela Lugosi, Frank Langella (a sexy Dracula), Gary Oldman (an almost “kind” Dracula, if you will), Patrick Bergman (the Cosmopolitan Dracula) and other ramifications of the Count that I’ve probably forgotten about…

Someone says “Dracula” and my ears perk… probably because the folklore behind the novel is so interesting… and I’m not talking about Vlad Tepes, I refer to the folklore behind how the novel came to be written (in a bleak apartment in Whitechapel, while Stoker struggled with his inner demons and unleashed his own personal pain in the story of the Count). To my mind, it’s nothing short of romantic/tragic (Nicolas Meyer’s The West End Horror depicts the Victorian Era and The West End -which includes Stoker – pretty well)…

Anyway, the movie I watched yesterday was a BBC production (don’t you just love the BBC… it’s like watching real people, not Hollywood supermodels).

Dracula (2006)


This movie left me with mixed feelings. Oh, I enjoyed it (and thought it was far too short, they should have explored “Dracula”, himself a bit more), the reason I say mixed feelings is because this Dracula is by far, the most evil Dracula ever (and highly resembles the novel in that sense).

Reasons why:

  1. He rips people’s heads off (which for effect, was in fact “cool”).
  2. There is no romance here, Dracula’s infatuation with Mina is purely lust-based.
  3. Dracula reminded me of Luciferian deception. Seriously… with promises of life eternal, bliss, but failing to deliver, betraying his loyal followers and ripping people’s heads off (again) .
  4. The dude is plain evil, from the way he walks to his draculonian stares. I really feel like shaking Marc Warren’s hand. Brilliant interpretation (I mean, even his face is weird…) and odd that you cannot like this Dracula one bit.

The movie also happens to have one of the most erotic scenes I’ve ever seen in a Dracula film.

They pulled it off. It could have explored the characters a bit more, though. I insist.

the magazine looks good :)

I think all the effort Santa Juana put into it has definitely been worth it..every time I look at the magazine I think “it looks so cool!”.

here’s a video from a band I love, Caspian & The Good Times


It was hard work, but it’s finally finished.¬† Enjoy…

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